Business Development Interlogica from October 2016

  • I am in charge of Business Development for Interlogica srl in Venice. 

    Interlogica develops software in an Agile mode. The company is born from the hacker underground and still maintains a very open philosophy and a high level of technological skill. About 60 people are working in Interlogica, 50 of which are developers. We are long-term car rental italian market leader, providing software to Leaseplan, ALD, Arval, Volkswagen Financial... but we build any kind of IT platform for a wide variety of industries. We do not sell products but projects. We like complicated things and are specialized in transforming Excel spreadsheets into IT procedures that integrate with corporate ERPs, intranets, web applications, and APPs. Our hashtags are #Agile #Scrum #Blockchain, , #IoT, #CyberSecurity #Automotive

AUTOMOTIVE 2009 - today

  • CEO the search engine for leasing vehicles

    • Fast2drive is the first European comparator for long-term car rental offers gathering in one portal hundreds of offers coming from dozens of vehicle leasing websites. The results are shown based on user-targeted filters: from the more "classic" ones such as a brand, model, monthly fee or advance payment, to more specific ones as fuel type, included services, cost per kilometer... We choose the best online vehicle lease deals to give everybody who is using Fast2drive a convenient rental experience. A unique relationship channel is triggered with each advertiser to ensure an effective and quality comparison of the prices.

  • Public relations bTheOne - since July 2017

    • bTheOne: Automotive it's our garden. Digital it's our ecosystem. We improve italian car dealers performance. We create CRM system for after sales market, we convert after sale market to digital, we develop b2b auction systems, we advise on Automotive marketing, we realize custom websites for car dealers, we organize b2b Automotive events.

  • Ambassador AutoUncle since October 2016

  • Country Manager AutoUncle - from October 2013 to September 2016

    • AutoUncle the used cars search engine active in 10 countries. Using AutoUncle you'll find with few clicks all used cars ads on thousands of websites. In Europe we gather +6 million cars from 2.800 websites.

    • Country manager for Italy. Business manager for Italy, Spain and Portugal, Social Media Strategist for Italy, Spain, Germany and Denmark.

  • CEO - from February 2012 to 2014

    • Audeo it's a used car classified b2b just for registered users in Italy.

    • Audeo has a blog where we write about automotive industry news, digital marketing, social media, and web design.

    • the Linkedin Group "Audeo - Automotive social network" contains some of our blog articles and some articles from LinkedIn members. This group has more than 5.000 professional Automotive members.

    CEO and founder Global Car Srl - from 2009 to 2014

    • Global Car is a car dealership.

SOFTWARE 2001 - 2009

  • CEO and founder Xenia Srl - from 2001 to 2009

    • Xenia distribute, personalize, assist and configure ERP system by Metodo SPA and Team System SPA.

BEVERAGE 1991 - 2001

  • Vice President San Geminiano Italia scrl - from 1999 to 2001

    • San Geminiano Italia is a group of 120 Italian Beverage distributors selling own brand products and most known brands by beverage industry. It is one of the most important independent players in beverage distribution in Italy.

  • CEO Barozzi Angelo e Ottavio Srl - from 1991 to 2001

    • Barozzi Angelo e Ottavio srl it's the family company. A wholesale beverage distributor in cities of Rovigo, Ferrara, Verona, Modena and Mantova.