Blockchain Storm - Cryptocurrencies & Modern Economies - Zurich 20 Jan 2017

A Full Day Conference - Blockchain & Banks brings you the Best of Cryptovalley! Monetas, Xapo, Akasa Labs, Ethereum Labs, Ethcore and many more... 


1. Blockchain & Banking

Title: Blockchain Banking 2020 vision: Disruption or Seamless integration?


2. Blockchain’s Potential to transform the future of Financial Services Infrastructure

Title: The changing landscape & new services to emerge


3. Blockchain & Regulation 

“Countries Blockchain Readiness”

“Regulation – The untold story”


4. Blockchain & Capital Markets: What Blockchain solutions are in the making?


5. Blockchain & Investment Management: Automated Compliance & Proxy Voting


6. Blockchain & Deposits/Lending: Syndicated Loans & Trade Finance


7. Blockchain Stacked with other Key Tech trends

– Cloud

 – IoT

– Big Data


– Robotics

– Cyber Security


8. Blockchain Startup Shows: New Product Demo Zone


30 minute Sessions 

1. The Mega trends unleashed by Blockchain 

2. Industrial Mashups 

3. Blockchain & the Sharing Economy 


Keynote Speaker

Charles Hoskinson  

CEO, Input Output  


Charles Hoskinson is a Colorado based technology entrepreneur and mathematician. He attended Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Colorado at Boulder to study Analytic Number Theory prior to moving into cryptography via industry exposure.

His professional experience includes founding three Cryptocurrency related start-ups- Invictus Innovations, Ethereum and IOHK- and a variety of colorful positions in the public and private sector. He was the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee and established the Cryptocurrency Research Group in September of 2013.

His current projects focus on education of cryptocurrency topics, evangelism of decentralization and making cryptographic tools easier to use for the mainstream.


Gavin Wood, Ethcore (TBC)


Ethcore is a new venture built by prominent figures of the Ethereum ecosystem including Dr. Gavin Wood, Co-designer of the Ethereum protocol and the EVM, and Inventor of the Solidity language; Dr. Jutta Steiner, Chief Security Manager, Ethereum, and Co-founder, Provenance; Dr. Aeron Buchanan, Head of Operations, Ethereum; Kenneth Kappler, Communications Manager, Ethereum and TJ Saw, CEO, OxLegal.

Earlier this year, it announced its flagship blockchain technology suite, Parity – its initial fully-featured, Ethereum-compatible, blockchain implementation. In March, it announced the release of Parity 1.0 (Ethcore emphasized it to be ‘beta’ quality), adding that the team is now working on Civility, the next release in the Parity series, to be rolled out soon.

The startup aims to further develop the Ethereum blockchain stack and assist partners who intend to innovate using the smart contract platform. It will focus on solving some of the current issues facing the Ethereum blockchain (and other blockchains) such as privacy and scalability.

We'll expect a much more scalable public blockchain in the next couple of years”, Gavin Wood told Bitcoin Magazine. “Full privacy is still a research area with some interesting ideas that we’ll be watching closely – but semi-trusted architectures on which we are working will do for many cases, particularly in the area of permissioned ledgers.”

Ethcore is currently working with BNP Paribas on possible applications of Ethcore’s technology within the world of finance. In addition, several applications within the Etheruem ecosystem, such as Digix, Augur, Grid Singularity, and are also looking at Ethcore’s technology.

Andreas Kubli (TBC)

Group Managing Director, UBS 



Arifa Khan  

CEO Zero Field Labs


Arifa Khan is a London based Blockchain Researcher, a seasoned Banking & finance, strategy and

operations executive, with over 15 years experience in Investment banking,

Leveraged Finance/ Financial Sponsors Coverage/ Debt Products & Credit.

She has worked with two suisse banks Credit Suisse & UBS.

She currently advises Government of India on infrastructure financing.

Her profile features in Femtech Leaders. ( )

Arifa's latest project is setting up a Blockchain eco-system in India through a Blockchain Excellence Centre,

a Blockchain Startup Accelerator, and a fund for Blockchain Startups. 


Arifa is Member Wharton UK Alumni Club Committee, Founder Europe-India Conclave & Fintech Storm.

See Blockchain India Summit 6 Dec 2016 featuring Vitalik Buterin and other Blockhain inventors


Mihai Alisie, Akasha , Core team Ethereum


Mihai Alisie is the Founder and CEO of AKASHA.

He has been actively involved in the blockchain technology space, since 2011 when he created with Vitalik Buterin the world’s first Bitcoin centric publication - Bitcoin Magazine. He served as Editor-in-Chief for the magazine, until late 2013, when he joined Vitalik in founding the Ethereum project.

In the early days of Ethereum, Mihai led the Swiss efforts to establish the business infrastructure and legal framework critical for the Ethereum “pre-sale” campaign. Following the successful Swiss setup, he oversaw the Ethereum operations as Strategic Manager and Vice-President of the Ethereum Foundation, until late 2015, when he focused his attention on making the AKASHA dream a reality.


Graham Tonkin, Monetas (TBC)


Monetas is building the infrastructure for a free and prosperous world.

The Monetas platform connects everyone — including the world’s billions of unbanked — to the global economy, and provides access to the full spectrum of financial services from a mobile phone — thereby boosting wealth creation and quality of life.

The Monetas platform enables financial institutions and central banks to roll out the most advanced, efficient financial infrastructure and services — thereby boosting financial inclusion and economic growth.


Olga Feldmeiyer , XAPO




Xapo claims to be the biggest custodian of bitcoins. The company stores the virtual coins in an army bunker in Attinhausen, canton of Uri, built to withstand a nuclear attack.


The data storage is «cold», in other words isn't linked to the internet, protecting it from hacker attacks. The disadvantage is that the transfer of larger amounts of bitcoins takes more time to complete. Transactions of bitcoins stored in so-called «hot wallets», virtual wallets, are executed within seconds.


The biggest growth market for crypto currencies are to be found in emerging markets, such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Russia, according to the former consultant at Boston Consulting Group.


Emerging Markets


«The majority of the population in those countries is excluded from financial services because of the absence of a relevant infrastructure,» Feldmeier said, who herself has Russian-Ukrainian roots. The virtual coin also might protect against the devaluation of the currency. The Russian money for instance has halved in value against the Swiss franc over the past five years.


Olga Feldmeier, a managing partner of bitcoin wallet provider Xapo, says her company has spent a lot of time in discussion with Switzerland's Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), contending that its service storing private key codes to users' digital funds does not constitute deposit-taking. Xapo is still based in California's Silicon Valley despite last year announcing plans to move to Switzerland, and says it would abandon those plans without a regulatory solution. "We are hopeful there will be an adequate solution for crypto currency wallet providers like Xapo," Feldmeier said.


Alex Leverington  (TBC)

Ethereum Core  



Marc Bernegger

Finance 2.0


Marc P. Bernegger is a Swiss-based web entrepreneur and Fintech investor. He is known for founding as well as Amiando and for promoting entrepreneurship and FinTech in Switzerland.

Bernegger has been an active investor in several startups and serves on the board of multiple companies. In 2013, he founded Finance 2.0, the first FinTech conference in Switzerland.Currently, he is the owner of Bernegger Ventures; a consulting and investing firm established in 2007. He was called one of the "100 most successful Swiss under the age of 40" by BILANZ magazine and one of "The 100 most influential technology investors in Europe" by Telegraph.


Mathias Bucher   

CEO, Diamond Coin 



Dr. Mathias Bucher holds a PhD in finance from the University of Zurich

and a Masters in Economics from HEC Lausanne and Universidad Carlos III Madrid.

He lectures Blockchain Technology and Investment Strategies at

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

He is also the founder and CEO of,

a company specializing in blockchain solutions and -consulting.

The flagship product of is Diamond Coin,

the globally first digital currency fully collateralized by high-grade diamonds.

Mathias was the co-founder of AllMountain Capital, where he managed over USD 100m.

AllMountain Capital’s flagship fund won the Investors Choice Award

for the Best Emerging Managed Futures Fund 2012.

Before, he was a Portfolio Manager for the Alternative Investment Company Horizon21.

Mathias started his career as a Consultant for for the Strategy Consulting Firm McKinsey & Co.


Spiros Margaris 

Margaris Advisers 




Simon Ousager



Prior to joining Chainalysis in July 2016 Simon did independent blockchain consulting 

out of Copenhagen where he consulted, presented and held conferences for clients 

such as The Danish National Bank, The Danish Parliament, and several of the largest 

Danish banks and financial IT infrastructure providers as well as 

The Danish Financial Services Union and the Danish Bankers Association. 

Simon comes from a background in natural science.

He holds a Bachelors degree in genetics and biotechnology from the University of Copenhagen.


Prof Willi Brammertz 

Author Unified Financial Analysis 

Brammertz Consulting




More Speakers to be announced soon..



Event Overview

Switzerland is the Mecca of Banking!

Britain & Europe bring together the best of many worlds, some of which intersect.

World leaders preside here over trillions of dollars of investment

Fortune 500 companies, the mighty firms in Banking & Finance

World’s strongest workforce in Accountancy, Finance and Legal industries

The most thriving fintech community, a nurturing eco-system of Technology companies

Investment funds, accelerators, incubators, academia, inventors

Thought leaders, researchers, coders, designers

and all those pushing at the frontier of human of development.

And a very friendly Government and Regulator.

The confluence of several conducive conditions make London a global launchpad

for the new race of Blockchainers!

We at Fintech Storm have brought together stakeholders in Banking, Finance, Payments

Fintech and Blockchain over the past two years.

In our continued tradition of celebrating excellence and presenting the most avant-garde technologies

We are bringing together Blockchain brains at Blockchain Storm in Zurich right after Davos!

Where you meet key players from around the world in a relaxed atmosphere

to catch the last glimmer of summer at exquisite swiss locales

While debating, ideating, shaping, imaging, and creating all things Blockchain.

Come to the Origin of Banking – Switzerland!

This year we have chosen the very swiss and pristine Zurich.

With Swiss Alps of Bernina Diavolezza enticing us over the weekend.

We will meet you at our next exotic destination!